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Foreign Relations

MondoMostre conceives and produces exhibitions for national and international Istitutions and Foundations.

Over the years a multicultural environment, a careful outlook on what is happening in the world and a strong ability to adapt in different contexts have allowed MondoMostre to become a privileged partner of many foreign institutions.

Since its foundation MondoMostre has been able to capitalize on the opportunity to have daily contact with the most important museums in the world in order to establish itself as a strong point of reference in Italy for the management of foreign loans.

Furthermore, thanks to the results of our work, we have developed a network of institutional relations with the diplomatic representations, amongst others, of China, Mexico, Spain, Japan and Russia in order to initiate or develop exhibition projects related to the respective cultures of these countries.

We are conscious of the importance of synergy between culutral institutions both in Italy and abroad. Through programs of travelling exhibition we put or know-how in organization and communications, as well as our extensive network of Italian and international relations, at our partners' disposal.

Cultural Events

Managing the relationship with curators and providers, scouting of private collections and negotiation of loans with collectors.

MondoMostre's main business is the creation of cultural events, which produces itselve or in coproduction, as in the great exhibitions organized in Milan at Palazzo Reale (Picasso, Van Dyck, Goya and the modern world) and Rome at the Scuderie del Quirinale (A Hundred Masterpieces from the Hermitage, Caravaggio, Vermeer).

In some cases, MondoMostre assists organizations such as foundations and museums, but also private firms, in creating cultural events, contributing its know-how from the scholarly and organizational point of view. This kind of activity includes the exhibitions organized at Palazzo Reale by De Agostini ('Segni e sogni della terra') and by Bocconi University for its centennial ('Il Mondo Nuovo'), as well as the 'L'ultimo Caravaggio' event organized for Banca Intesa at the Villa Borghese in Rome.

The organization of cultural events includes tasks such as:

  1. Managing relations with curators and lenders
  2. Scouting private collections and negotiating loans with collectors
  3. Drawing up, sending, and following up on loan letters and managing loan contracts 
  4. Consultancy for insurance and logistics
  5. Consultancy for setting up the exhibition

Corporate Events

MondoMostre has developed a unique experience in Italy in designing and producing great cultural events in some of the most prestigious locations in art and culture, which are most suitable for the realization of private and exclusive events.

This privileged position and the know how in the sector has allowed us to create events that are capable of answering the needs of our clients, offering exclusive services, which have been curated and personalized in every detail.

Private visits amongst the greatest masterpieces of all time, cocktails and gala dinners inside Museums, Galleries and Palaces; these are the strengths that allow MondoMostre to offer to its clients the possibility of involving their guests, deepening its public relations in an exclusive context.

Communication and Press Office

Creation and management of promotion campaigns, communication and press office for cultural events.

One of MondoMostre's strong points is its experience in creating and managing promotional and communication campaigns and press offices for cultural events. This know-how is put at our clients' disposal to assist them in tasks such as:

  • establishing the objectives of the event and the related communication
  • developing strategies regarding promotion, advertising, the press office, and public relations
  • carrying out promotional activities: meetings with schools and the organized public (Cral, Lyons Club, Rotary Club, etc.), sending newsletters, dedicated previews, brochures and posters, billposting campaigns
  • advertising: searching for the best deal with regard to the objectives set, searching for one or more media partners, adjusting the campaign according to the opportunities (dead freight, last-minute, etc.) 
  • managing the press office : creating press folders, sending them to journalists, press recall handled by MondoMostre's internal press office, managing press conferences (invitations, follow-up, etc.)

Consulting Services

MondoMostre collaborates with clients to help them reach high-performance.

MondoMostre proposes itself as a partner of public and private institutions for the marketing of Art and Culture, providing its expertise to develop museums, kunsthalles and archaeological sites, increasing visitor attendance and revenue from ticket sales and gift shops, as well as sponsorships and corporate events by attracting funds from corporations and private organizations.