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from 25 September 2013 to 09 February 2014
Palazzo Reale, Milan

The Face Of The 20th Century
From Matisse To Bacon

‘The invention of psychoanalysis, the denial of the individual operated by totalitarian regimes, the destruction of identity in the concentration camps by the Nazis, the diffusion of photography subjugated by the bureaucracy for the identification of suspects (for examples identity pictures), the invasion of the individual sphere operated by the collective pseudo-imaginary created by the media. In this context – writes the curator of the exhibition Jean-Michel Bouhours - we must think of the role of art, the need for abstraction, the loss of the subject in the collective ideal of the avant-gardes. Everything seems to suggest the coming of a world without faces’. Nonetheless, ‘there is a sort of frenzy about portraits, as a need to put oneself – writes Bouhours – in the vortex of ubiquity and instantaneity imposed by the contemporary media. The image of our image has imposed itself’.