Leonardo da Vinci. Universal Man.
The Drawings of Turin



Yeltsin center

Leonardo Da Vinci, universal man, icon of modernity: his art, his science and his poetics fascinated entire generations. The exhibition in the Yeltsin Center, where Leonardo presented for the first time in Yekaterinburg, includes two works from the Royal Museums of Turin: Head of a Woman by Leonardo da Vinci ( around 1510), Codex on the Flight of Birds, nineteenth-century print of the famous Leonardo Code, published by the Russian patron Feodor Sabachnikoff and Giovanni Piumati (1893). The itinerary of the exhibition is enriched with the two models of Leonardo, Flap-wingles Flying Machine (1952-1953) and Wing structure (1953) from the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, by a multimedia section created by the new media artist Franz Fischnaller and reproductions of the master's drawings from the collections of the Royal Museums of Turin.

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