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Caravaggio as he had never been seen before. Historical and high-tech research combined not only to showcase the largest collection of the artist’s masterpieces but also to provide an in-depth look at his life and his unrivalled artistry.

Talking to the Experts |

Rossella Vodret, Art historian.

Immense fame while he was alive. An immense, self-destructive life.
Then centuries of oblivion and, at last, re-birth and the glory that persists to this day.
Caravaggio, both the man himself and his work, are very much a one-off in the history of art because they speak to people across the globe, because the power and the messages that they shout out are still today the questions that we all ask ourselves.
Mondo Mostre has had a long, enthusiastic association with the great artist, whose profile we have raised both in Italy and overseas, focusing at all times on his greatest masterpieces, obtained thanks to our own prestige and that of our partners and curators.

Studies of Caravaggio’s technique

Caravaggio's technique was the subject of an in-depth study organized by the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBACT) that – starting in 2009 and carried out in collaboration with the Rome Museums’ Office and the Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration – analyzed the twenty-two autograph works in Rome as part of a major campaign of diagnostic investigations.

Diagnostic investigation video on the artwork: "Judith and Holofernes"

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    Starting from the epoch-making exhibition held at the Scuderie del Quirinale in 2010 – and, indeed, even earlier, with the restoration and exhibiting of the Odescalchi Conversion of St. Paul alongside a second version of the painting in the church of Santa Maria del Popolo – all the way to the Milanese exhibition of 2017, where for the first time Caravaggio’s canvases were flanked by their respective X-ray images, thereby allowing the public to discover and chart, through an innovative use of multimedia equipment, the artist’s journey from his initial idea right through to the final execution of the work. Rossella Vodret, one of the most painstaking and passionate Caravaggio scholars, has often been by our side along the way. You can listen to what she herself has to say (see her video above) about our adventures, as well as anecdotes about Caravaggio’s life and the discoveries made over the course of these years.

    There were twenty-two
    Caravaggio masterpieces and
    every one an utterly
    authentic creations





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