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Antonello da Messina

Palazzo Reale
Italy, Milan
February 21, 2019 - June 2, 2019

Days of exhibition


The exhibition curated by Giovanni C.F. Villa features nineteen out of the thirty-five existing works by Antonello da Messina, including the Annunciata (c. 1475), perhaps the icon that best represents Antonello’s art. More exceptional loans complete this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. St. Augustin and St. Jerome and St. Gregory (1472-1473) from the Palazzo Abatellis. The Portrait of a man (1465-1476) from the Museo Mandralisca in Cefalù. St. Jerome in his study and the Salvator Mundi from the National Gallery in London. The Crucifixion from the National Museum of Sibiu in Romania, the Portrait of a Young Man from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Madonna and Child from the National Gallery in Washington, the Portrait of a Young Man from the State Museum of Berlin. Also on display are the Madonna and Child, St. John the Baptist, St. Benedict, the Portrait of a Young Man, the Ecce Homo (Christ at the Column), the Portrait of a Man (Michele Vianello?), the Dead Christ supported by three Angels (Pietà), and the Portrait of a Man (also called Trivulzio portrait).

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