Botticelli and the Renaissance

Bund One Art Museum
China, Shanghai
28 april 2023 - 27 august 2023

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“Botticelli and the Renaissance" will zoom in on 48 rare paintings by the most noted artists of the Florentine School of the Italian Renaissance, including Botticelli, the well-known painter of the Florentine School at the end of the 15th century;
Perugino, one of the first Italian painters to adopt oil paint; Lorenzo di Credi, who inherited Andrea del Verrocchio's workshop. Fra Filippo Lippi (also Botticelli’s teacher), the famous romantic monk painter; Cosimo Rosselli, and other art masters. The exhibition will narrate the evolution from Gothic to Renaissance, and prob into the far-reaching influence of the famous Medici family in Europe on the Renaissance and art history through art forms such as tempera paintings, oil paintings, fresco painting, and sculptures.

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Botticelli and the Renaissance

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