China. The Court of Emperors

Palazzo Strozzi
Italy, Florence
March 7, 2008 - June 8, 2008

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The Tang era (618-907) is considered a moment of great renewal for Chinese civilization. Its art represents one of the country’s richest and most articulate moments, comparable to the Florentine Renaissance. Both have their roots in a combination of language, international travel and openness to new ideas from foreign worlds. The exhibition is curated by Sabrina Rastelli and features over 200 masterpieces that illustrate the wealth and diversity of the imperial courts from the Eastern Han era (23-220) to the Tang empire (617-907). These rarely seen artworks celebrate China’s cultural Renaissance and the glory of the Tang dynasty, which in the seventh century AD consolidated and renewed its gigantic empire. This ushered in an era of artistic, social, economic and cultural development that is still unparalleled in China’s history.


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China. The Court of Emperors

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