MondoMostre Roma

From Tiepolo to Canaletto

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
Russia, Moscow
July 24, 2018 - October 14, 2018

Days of exhibition


The exhibition is curated by Giovanni C.F. Villa with Vittoria Markova and presents an exceptional selection of works by Giambattista Tiepolo, Giambattista Pittoni, Luca Carlevarijs, Giambattista Piazzetta, Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Pietro Longhi. Fifty-seven works, including twenty-three from the Museo Civico di Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza, twenty-five from the Pushkin Museum and nine from the Gallerie d'Italia - Palazzo Leoni Montanari. It is the first time these works are brought together in the same galleries, which represents a unique opportunity to study them and the multifaceted styles of Venetian painting in the Rococo era. If Canaletto is the master of landscapes, Guardi arbitrarily mixes real life and invention to craft whimsical compositions, while Longhi carries the standard of genre painting.


Photogallery |

From Tiepolo to Canaletto

Artworks |

  • Capriccio con chiesa gotica e laguna
    Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal)

  • Piazza San Marco verso San Geminiano
    Francesco Guardi

  • Veduta del Canal Grande con le Rive del Vin e del Carbon
    Michele Marieschi

  • Veduta della chiesa della Salute con la Punta della Dogana
    Hendrik Frans van Lint

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