Inside Caravaggio

September 29, 2017

January 28, 2018

Palazzo Reale

In a little less than fifteen years Caravaggio completely revolutionized the art of painting through his powerful naturalism, his use of light and shadow and his cutting edge technique. He was used as a model by many 17th-century artists in Italy and throughout Europe, to such an extent that the term “Caravaggism” was coined. He rose again to notoriety in the 20th century after nearly two centuries of anonymity. The exhibition is curated by Rossella Vodret and brings together 18 masterpieces by the artist from major museums in Italy and around the world. For the first time, Caravaggio’s canvases will be displayed alongside x-rays and other forensic investigations of his works, to begin building the artist’s process from conception to completion with the help of technology.

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