Egypt. House of Eternity

Shanxi Museum
China, Taiyuan
April 10, 2018 - June 24, 2018

Days of exhibition


The exhibition presents over 200 artifacts from the world class collection of the Museo Egizio in Turin. The narrative was developed with a special view on Asia, where the civilization of Pharaohs is less known than in the West. The artifacts are arranged in three themes: “everyday life”, “religion”, and “funerary uses”. The themes are developed in two imaginary directions. The first is from East to West, from dawn to sunset, to illustrate the laborious daily life of the ancient Egyptians. The second is from South to North, up the Nile to its mouth, to discover the religious diversity that characterized Egyptian polytheism. The use of color and light is fundamental: yellow, a color associated with the sun and the cults that derive from it; green, the color of the god Osiris and a symbol of rebirth and regeneration; and blue, the color linked to the West and to Nut, the goddess who at the end of each day swallowed the sun only to give birth to it once again come the next morning.

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Egypt. House of Eternity

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