Giorgio Morandi. Poetry of light

Chengdu Art Museum
China, Chengdu
20 april 2023 - 18 june 2023

Days of exhibition

Poetry of light

Through a careful selection of the works, arranged along the entire chronological span of the artist's life, visitors will be invited to enter the world of Giorgio Morandi: still lifes and landscapes that define an inner universe, made up of few objects, of usual scenarios, of colors reduced to an essential range.
The exhibition is certainly a tribute to the Bolognese master, one of the most intimate and poetic expressions of European art in the central decades of the twentieth century: but also an opportunity to propose Morandi's painting to an audience of another culture, in the belief that the inner discipline, the grace of feelings, the delicate harmony of colors will touch the sensitivity of oriental visitors.

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Giorgio Morandi. Poetry of light

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