Giorgio Morandi



Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum

“Giorgio Morandi” - displaying 51 authentic works including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, original etchings, and sketches - is the first large-scale solo exhibition of the artist in Shanghai. Curated by Professor Stefano Zuffi, the three sections which the project is articulated with try to unfold his uneventful yet fascinating career. Morandi dedicated himself solely to still lives and landscapes and thus stayed away from the prevailing avant-garde movement. With a focus on such basic elements as compositions, layouts, light, and colours, the artist revealed the nature of objects and reduced them to their real and natural status.

With techniques from both the West and the East, Giorgio Morandi, eccentric yet charming, stood out as a Master of visual art for its profound understanding of spatial order, positional relationship, structural form, and colour scheme.

The project is part of the series “Art Masters around the World”, a program supported from the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai, Shanghai International Culture Association and the international organizer MondoMostre.

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