Two Empires. The Eagle and the Dragon

Palazzo Reale
Italy, Milan
April 16, 2010 - September 5, 2010

Days of exhibition


The Qin and Han dynasties, along with the Roman Empire, played an undisputed role in shaping the history of the world. The exhibition aims to compare the social and intellectual achievements of the two Empires. It does this through an unprecedented comparison of 300 extraordinary masterpieces that shed light on the political and economic spheres of the two Empires. The world-famous terracotta warriors, the precious sarcophagi of the Marquise of Mawangdui, silk drapes, frescoes from the Han era, precious bronze and gold tools. All of these are just some examples of the artifacts on display that describe a flourishing Chinese empire. Many of them have never exited national borders. The Chinese artifacts will be juxtaposed with equally majestic marble statues, frescoes, mosaics, silver utensils, and funerary altars that showcase the artistic tradition of the Roman Empire.


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Two Empires. The Eagle and the Dragon

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