The New World. Milan, 1890-1915

November 1, 2002

February 3, 2003

Palazzo Reale

The main theme of the exhibition is the concept of Modernity, as expressed from the 1890s to 1915. Curated by Stefano Baia Curioni and Marco Cattin, the exhibition features works from important Italian and European museums. A broad selection that includes artworks and precious objects gives visitors a unique perspective on the complexity of modernisation. The process of modernisation radically changed Milan in all its aspects: socially, urbanistically, economically, institutionally, culturally and artistically. Divided into 3 sections (The Labyrinth of Modernity; Milan 1890-1915; Stepping into the Future) the exhibition features over 700 artifacts. The layout recreates the walls of the city and divides the exhibition sections into neighbourhoods. 

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