Kennedy 1963-2003

Palazzo Montecitorio
Italy, Rome
20 novembre 2003 -

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The Italian House of Representatives pays tribute to one of the key political figures of the 20th century. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s tragic death, this exhibition will illustrate the key moments of his life. The narrative developed by curator Gianni Bisiach is organised in four sections: family life, the Presidency, the visit to Rome and his assassination in Dallas. It aims to show Kennedy both as President of the United States and in his role as man, husband and father. Objects on view include photographs, magazine and paper clippings, objects and archival documents on loan from the Natural History Museum in Berlin and the Library of the House of Representatives. The exhibition also includes photographs shot by Kennedy, and articles and photos cut out of Italian American papers (including The Washington Post), as well as photos and front covers of magazines and audio and video footage found by the curator in the RAI archives. 


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Kennedy 1963-2003

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