Georges de La Tour

February 7, 2020

June 7, 2020

Palazzo Reale

The first exhibition in Italy devoted to Georges de La Tour. Curated by Francesca Cappelletti, supported by a scientific committee composed by Pierre Rosenberg, Gail Feigenbaum, Annick Lemoine and Andres Ubeda, the exhibition aims to present a new perspective on the artist’s naturalistic paintings and on his experiments with light. Targeted comparisons with the works of other great artists of his time (Gerrit van Honthorst, Paulus Bor, Trophime Bigot, Hendrick ter Brugghen and others) will address the questions that still surround this mysterious artist. The works we know by La Tour are a little more than thirty. The works on loan from twenty-six institutions scattered over three continents include the Penitent Magdalene (Washington D.C. - The National Gallery of Art), The Musicians' Brawl (J. Paul Getty Museum), which depicts one of the artist’s favorite themes, and the The Hurdy-Gurdy Player with a Dog (Musée du Mont-de-Piété in Bergues).

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