NASA – A Human Adventure

Spazio Ventura XV
Italy, Milan
September 27, 2017 - March 4, 2018

Days of exhibition

The exhibition on space, created for adults and children and produced by John Nurminen Events in collaboration with AVATAR, has already fascinated millions of visitors on its world tour and is now being presented in Italy for the first time. An immersive and educational journey through conquests and discoveries stretching over 1,500 square metres comprised of rockets, the Space Shuttle, the Moon Rover and the Space Centrifuge Simulator. The narrative covers a period from the first space launch to present days, with 300 original artifacts from NASA space programmes. Most of these are on loan from the Cosmosphere International Science Education Center and Space Museum and U.S. Space & Rocket Center and many have been in space. A fantastic story about NASA’s incredible achievements in space exploration, which have forever changed how we view the world and the universe.


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NASA – A Human Adventure

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