Raphael. From Florence to Rome

Galleria Borghese
Italy, Rome
May 19, 2006 - September 10, 2006

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Although he is deemed to be the Roman painter, this is the first monographic exhibition on Raphael ever shown in Rome. The exhibition is curated by Anna Coliva and investigates the work produced by the artist between 1505 and 1508. These are the years prior to his move to Rome, during which he painted the Deposizione now in the Galleria Borghese. This work is representative of the artist’s move from a classical style and composition to a more dynamic understanding of space, as seen in the Vatican frescoes. Works on display include the Belle Jardiniere from the Louvre, the Holy Family with the Lamb from the Prado and the Esterhazy Madonna. It is the first time all of these paintings are shown in Italy. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to review works in the Galleria Borghese in a nw light, such as the Young Woman with Unicorn, in which the influence of Leonardo and his inspiring portrait techniques is more than evident.

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Raphael. From Florence to Rome

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