Salvador Dalì. Surrealist and Classic

Faberge Museum
Russia, Saint Petersburg
1 april 2017 - 2 july 2017

Days of exhibition

Throughout his career Salvador Dalì was influenced by the great masters of the past. Spanish and Italian artists, and in particular the Renaissance, inspired his work. Exhibition curator Montse Aguer - director of the Dalì Foundation in Figueres, Spain - selected 150 works, including paintings, watercolours and woodblock prints to illustrate the classical derivation of Dalì’s work. One of the most enigmatic artists amongst the Surrealists, Dalì’s work is characterized by his centrality and protagonism. The selected works include citations to Raphael, Cellini, Dante and Michelangelo. It is the first time that some of his late works (Moses, Christ from the Pieta of Palestrina, Giuliano de' Medici, Crouching Boy) are presented together as a uniform body of works that share style and theme.

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Salvador Dalì. Surrealist and Classic

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