Bai Ming

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna
Italia, Roma
24 april 2024 - 30 june 2024

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At the Crossroads of Worlds

The exhibition Bai Ming. At the Crossroads of Worlds is the first Italian solo exhibition of contemporary Chinese artist Bai Ming, curated by Jean Louis Andral, director of the Musée Picasso in Antibes, and organised in collaboration with Galleria Nazionale di Roma, with the contribution of Kwai Fung Foundation Limited.

Trained in the art of porcelain, Bai Ming is considered today among the world's leading artists in the use of this material. A multifaceted artist and lively experimenter, he renews materials, forms and decorative tastes of the Chinese ceramic tradition by translating them into modernity. The "crossroads of worlds" he seeks, to which the title of the exhibition alludes, is precisely that which lives in the profound link between the spiritual identity of Chinese artistic-cultural history and the expression of the contemporary, with a conceptual slant and linked to a Western structure of thought.

Ceramics inspired by classical forms, by the blue and white painting of ancient ancestry, are the subject of a fascinating revisitation through plastic and pictorial decorative interventions, often evocative of elements of Chinese naturalistic and landscape art, now far from their utilitarian function to acquire a purely aesthetic, sometimes monumental value.

The exhibition presents the many facets of Bai Ming's production through a selection of more than 80 works, including ceramics, ink paintings and lacquers, as well as installations, covering more than thirty years of activity.

Bai Ming

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