De Chirico and Metaphysics

Palazzo Blu
Italy, Pisa
07 november 2020 - 05 september 2021

Days of exhibition

The order of the works on display takes the visitor from the artist’s initial “Böcklinesque” works to the Tens and his great Metaphysical paintings, from the masterpieces of his “classical” period in the early Twenties to the “second Metaphysical Art” and Bagni Misteriosi periods in the Thirties, without neglecting his extraordinary research into paintings by great past masters that filtered through in his still lifes, nudes and self-portraits from the Thirties to the Fifties, all the way through to his final, luminous neo-metaphysical phase.

This exhibition also highlights what today we may consider to be the ramifications of his metaphysical vision, the result of de Chirico’s insight as far back as 1910 that germinated international buds and bloomed in artists of the calibre of Carlo Carrà, Alberto Savinio, Filippo de Pisis, Mario Sironi and Arturo Martini.


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