Lorenzo Lotto. The Renaissance in the Marche

December 13, 2012

February 10, 2013

Pushkin Museum

The work that Lotto produced during his time in the Marche represents one of the most important moments for the artist as well as for Italian art in the 16th century. Devotional paintings and portraits of his patrons will help tell his exceptional and eccentric story. Curators Gabriele Barucca, Lorenza Mochi Onori and Maria Rosaria Valazzi have selected 20 paintings from Italian churches and museums, including the Angel and Virgin of the Annunciation, St. James, the Portrait of Lucina Brembati and The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Also included is the fresco of St. Vincent Ferrer in Glory from the Church of San Domenico in Recanati, which was restored for the occasion.

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