MondoMostre Roma


Today, MondoMostre is the world's leading producer of exhibitions. We offer a plethora of services to Italian and international museums, including tailored consultancy, end-to-end staging solutions and complex international strategic programs.

Our projects, staged both in Italy and internationally, serve an educational purpose, with a focus on cultural and social growth and the dissemination of knowledge. Our goal is to raise awareness of the world of arts and culture, providing visitors with a way to reflect on art, broaden their general knowledge, share their experiences and immerse themselves in an array of different historical contexts, learning all about distant cultures.


Efficient project management with a deep respect for people.

For us, "orchestrating” means that every individual, every resource is giving their all to the project, thus guaranteeing an impeccable end result, delivered at a consistently high level. It means, wherever we may be, combining seamlessly and efficiently the work of the different professionals operating in each cultural setting.


Art lies at the heart of what we do.

MondoMostre's cultural projects encompass everything from archeology to classical art, and from design to contemporary installations and digital experiences. There is constant participation on our part in the broader cultural debate, with an unerring focus on contemporary issues.
We always listen attentively to our partners’ cultural requirements before delivering tailor-made art projects.


We understand that different places have different sensitivities that need to be handled differently.

We always try to glean a deeper understanding of local cultural approaches with a view to bridging the gaps between different cultures while taking a local approach that is aligned with the highest international standards as demanded by the arts community and by our museum partners.


We always go that extra mile

For the best part of the last 12 years, our project managers have regularly traveled the world, visiting China, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the US and South America in an endeavor to broaden our horizons, forever on the lookout for new possibilities in the art world.


Meet the Team

Tomaso Radaelli

Simone Todorow di San Giorgio

Azzurra La Rosa
Head of International Business

Chiara Ferraro
Head of Legal and Corporate affairs

Ilaria Natalucci
Head of National Exhibitions

Stefano Silvani
International Development China

Matteo Bernard
Head of Operations

Chiara Rigolli
Project Manager for International exhibitions

Natalia Zonova
Project Manager for International exhibitions

Giacomo Cadorin
Project Manager for Italian exhibitions

Diego Giacomelli
Marketing & Communication Manager

Balqis Gaddur
Marketing & Communication

Lea Del Poso
Art Director

Stefano Martino
Administration and General Affairs