MondoMostre is the world's leading producer of exhibitions.

Founded in Italy in 1999, we have successfully delivered critically acclaimed exhibitions for many of the most recognised museums internationally.

We use our institutional relationships, professional network and decades of experience to realise projects from planning to delivery. From proposals, curation, securing loans and museum partnerships, to financial, legal, insurance and logistics, we tailor our services to fit the individual needs of each client.

As thought leaders at the forefront of cultural discourse, we offer unique insight and a distinct perspective that is helping to shape the future of the cultural sector. Through our exhibitions, we seek to inspire audiences globally by making great works of art accessible to more people. We champion the power of arts and culture to educate, build knowledge and reflect our shared humanity.


Efficient project management with a deep respect for people.

Our professional and reliable global team works seamlessly together to consistently deliver at the highest level, going above and beyond to guarantee impeccable end results.


Art is at the heart of what we do.

MondoMostre's projects encompass everything from archaeology to old masters to contemporary art. We use our deep knowledge of the cultural sector to navigate the complex challenges museums are facing, from implementing the social justice agenda to digitization and international exchanges.


Local knowledge and cultural nuance in a global context.

We always try to glean a deeper understanding of local cultural approaches with a view to bridging the gaps between different cultures while taking a local approach that is aligned with the highest international standards as demanded by the arts community and by our museum partners.


We always go that extra mile

We have a sensitive understanding of operating in different international contexts. Having worked extensively in Italy, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Mexico and Chile, we bridge cultural gaps and align with local approaches whilst maintaining international sector standards.


Meet the Team

Tomaso Radaelli

Simone Todorow di San Giorgio

Azzurra La Rosa
Head of International Business

Chiara Ferraro
Head of Legal and Corporate affairs

Ilaria Natalucci
Head of National Exhibitions

Stefano Silvani
International Development China

Matteo Bernard
Head of Operations

Chiara Rigolli
Project Manager for International exhibitions

Chiara Ferraris
International Exhibitions Senior Manager

Elisa Faggio
International Exhibitions Senior Manager

Giacomo Cadorin
Project Manager for Italian Exhibitions

Diego Giacomelli
Marketing and Communication Manager

Lea Del Poso
Art Director

Stefano Martino
Administration and General Affairs